Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

SMS which stands for Short Message Service was a revolutionary product which was introduced to pass the short messages across the telecom. Later it has grown to a business service model which is used by all the entrepreneurs and business category to communicate with their clients for fresh business or for updates of the business. Today SMS has turned to be a cost effective way of communication with masses. It is a handy tool to let the information be transmitted with a single click. All the Telecom Operators worldwide do offer this service. There have been many other by products designed on this concept.

We use our sms tools to integrate in our products and services as an added advantage of better communication. Having strong relations with the telecom helps us to get the best products on board to serve all our customers. Today we serve about 400+ schools and colleges in India with our SMS Tools. To deliver the best user experience and value for money they spend, we work with top notch telecom in indeed to keep up our commitment. Every customer is given equal priority irrespective of volume they buy from us.

SMS are basically of two types:

Promotional Route
This route is geerally used for all kind of promotions of products and services delivered to Non-DND(DO NOT DISTURB) numbers from 9 am to 7 pm.

Transactional Route
This route is geerally used for all kind of updates on products and services, delivered to DND and Non-DND(DO NOT DISTURB) numbers 24 X 7, 365 Days.

Advantages with BULK SMS
No extra cost on holidays and special days.
Can trigger as many SMS as you want at a time provided with sufficient sms with in accont
Life time validity accounts
Easy to recharge at any point of time
Helps in building the branding and bridge the gap with client communication.
Easy to operate with verylow internet bandwidth consumed.
Web access to cross check on delivery reports etc.

End of the day what matters to is our “Client Satisfaction”.

BULK SMS Services in Hyderabad, India