Domain Registration

Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration is the primary process of owning a website, once you decide the title of the business, products and services or for personal. Domain name play a prominent role in describing your products or professional services that you offer to your customers. The domain owner is called the Registrant. Domain name registration is provided by the registrar, Registration Service Providers like or from the registry itself.

We make sure all the domains registered by us are owned by the registrant. So that registrant has the access to manage the domain and renew it by themselves. We also make sure all the accounts with us are verified via email verification and in some cases SMS as preferred by the customers.

As described above a right domain name can get you additional traffic, so that chances of ranking on search engines are high. For example in our domain we want to make sure that we are offering designing services like Graphic / Web / Digital. On the other hand some domain names prove no necessary of matching domain names to business, product or services for example .

Steps to register and own a website with us

  • Find the domain Availability
  • Sign up an account with us
  • Buy the Domain Name and you are the proud owner of the website


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