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Solution Description:

This solution was designed keeping in mind the rise of media role in transmitting the news, articles, gallery etc to the world. The solution is online and the primary advantage of being online is to increase the reach. With this solution we have tried to bridge the gap between the Media Companies and the readers to deliver the unique contents creating their own market share in the media industry. This solution also helps in earning additional revenues for any media company by applying to the AdSense with all search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

A word from our Happy Customer:

We have been using manual process for our business since our first day and when VSV Team approached us with their solution case studies. We have opted in and the work was completed on time as required. Today we are able to manage everything in a single solution so that we can concentrate on our business that we are ment for. Thank you VSV Team for your support and wish you all the very best for future ventures.

Client Name: Santosh
Company Name: News Coverage 24


  • Add/ edit / delete Menu
  • Add/ edit / delete Categories
  • Add/ edit / delete Sub- Categories
  • Add/ edit / delete Main Contents
  • Add/ edit / delete Inner page contents
  • Add/ edit / delete Gallery Images
  • Add/ edit / delete Gallery Videos
  • Add/ edit / delete Advertisements
  • Add/ edit / delete AdSense advertisements
  • Add/ edit / delete Authors
  • Add/ edit / delete Proof Readers
  • Add/ edit / delete staff to manage their roles
  • Add/ edit / delete Social Media
  • Add/ edit / delete Seo- Components
  • Add/ edit / delete Reader Responses


  • Total Number of Visitors
  • Total Number of Articles published
  • Total Number of Page views
  • Total Number of AdSense Advertisements
  • Total Number of Own Advertisements
  • Total Number of Staff roles
  • Total Number of Authors
  • Total Number of Proof readers
  • Total Number of Categories
  • Total Number of Sub Categories
  • Total Number of Images
  • Total Number of Videos
  • Total Number of Social Media posts
  • Total Number of Testimonials/ Reviews / Comments / Feedback etc