Our Products

Our Products

A through Market Research helps us in designing our products
Designswala Pvt Ltd.


Designswala.com is the unique product from VSV Technologies caters all our services as a product. Client has the facility to track the orders online, report issues online, 24/7 Help line facility etc are the key features of designswala.com.

News Coverage


Newscoverage24.com is a news portal designed to serve the Media Companies, Media Aspirants eager to establish the and run the news portals online for their locality, community, language etc. It has all the latest features that a news portal should contain.

Designswala Logistics


Online logistic software designed to cater to all logistics company for their day to day operations like bookings, shipment live tracking, status updates etc. It has helped many Logistic companies operating in single and multi locations to keep updated with the shipments.