Short Code / Long Code

Short code

Short code is another good product from the telecom, which helps to get the information through sms it is basically a two way sms. We see this service is generally used on all popular TV shows like dance competitions, singing etc. This is the tool which was used by the Famous Televion show “Kaun Banega Crorepathi” to send the answers to the questions given to the audience.

It is basically a 5- digit number (for example 57575, 46464 etc) which is provided with a panel along with logs of sms received and sent. It is being used by most of the TV channels for the Voting on the issues that want to gather the information on. This service also has the auto response sms feature that gives the sender a confirmation on their sms received. This service is enabled with a duplicate filter that helps to avoid duplicate sms from the same number.

Long Code

Long Code is equally functioning product from the telecom which looks like a 10 digit mobile number.

This services has all the feature that short has the only difference is the appearance. It also has duplicate filters, panel access, auto reply message for confirmation etc.