Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting is the second stage to get closer to own a website. Hosting depends on the factors that you have to analyze before procuring it. Types of Web Hosting are listed below.

Hosting Types:

Shared Hosting: Hosting space that is shared among few accounts in a single server.

VPS Hosting: This is a small size hosting but completely private with features like dedicated servers.

Dedicated Hosting: Completely a private hosting used for a mid level / bigger size organizations.

Managed Servers: A completely managed services with the dedicated server features. No technical knowledge required.

Common Features in every hosting:

Disk Space: Generally the total space has been assigned for your need.

Bandwidth: Indirectly it’s the traffic on your web site. Uploads and downloads are counted under the bandwidth usage.

Email Id’s: These are business email ids that you get along with you domain name as suffix.
For example: info@designswala.com, sales@designswala.com etc.

Sub-domains: These are the free domains under your primary domain, used for operating different process under the primary domains.

FTP Accounts: FTP is a File Transfer Protocol helps you in moving the files from local to servers and servers to local machines or devices.

Data Base: Data base provided to be measured, commonly used for dynamic sites. Static sites can over look this feature.

Control Panel: It is very important to have the control panel as it is the only source to operate the files / manage the emails and many more activities in the space provided to you.


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