Web Designing

Web Designing

Web Designing is the Final step to get your product/ services published for the public. All browsers identify the programming languages. Choose the best suitable, preferably open source as you get many service providers for these kinds of platforms. As the technologies keep changing a website should be compatible to make necessary changes as on when required. Re-Designing a website for every 2 years is suggested.

Most importantly a website should be accessed and displayed as per the screen sizes in all gadgets which have the internet access suitable for future generations. Make sure the right content is added in all the web pages so that a visitor can get the complete knowledge on your products or services you offer to them.

Following are called mandatory pages for any website:

Home/ Index Page: It acts as the index to navigate through the website and find the relevant information in the particular pages.

About us: Describes more about the History of the Company /Individual in detailed.

Products/ Services or Both: Displays the contents of products and services along with the features, benefits, technical specifications etc.

Contact Us: Navigate the ways to contact you for your products or services interested in.

Clients / Testimonials: This particular page shares the visitor an idea of your clients, reach and ability to serve them. It also builds the confidence to the visitor to reach you for further details.

Following are few pages which builds more credibility to a website called as add-on pages:

Vision/Mission Statements: This shows the future plans of a company or an individual.

Careers: Saves time in searching for resources and get regular visibility to a website from job aspirants.

Portfolio: It throws the light on the strengths of a company or an individual.

Enquiry form: Keeps you away from missing a leads when you are not accessible with other means.

Feed Back form: Helps you to encourage the feedback on anything that a visitor wants to convey.

FAQ: Can save the time for both visitor and the website owner answering the frequently asked questions.

Terms of Use: Can save your contents from getting copied by others.

Privacy Policy: Can add more value when you say that you maintain utmost privacy of visitor details.

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